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Giving back both near and far is part of the Lifetouch culture.

Lifetouch's commitment to families and communities goes beyond products and services. The programs below are just some of the work we do to make communities happier, stronger, and safer:


For more than 10 years, Lifetouch has partnered with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to help provide law enforcement with the most valuable tool when a child goes missing - a current photograph. Each year, Lifetouch distributes SmileSafe photo ID cards, free of charge, to families where Lifetouch provides school photography.

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Lifetouch understands the importance of reaching out to the community in times of need. Through our FEED THE NEED program, Lifetouch Church Directories donates meals for every family photographed in our partnering organizations. Earned funds are then donated by the organization to local food banks or other charitable causes.

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Since the inception of the Lifetouch Memory Mission® in 2000, Lifetouch employees have traveled to destinations around the world to spend a week in intensive volunteer service. Lifetouch brings more than muscle and hard work to each Memory Mission. It's also about learning new things and developing relationships.

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More than 300 children or grandchildren of previous and current Lifetouch employees have benefitted from the Richard P. Erickson Scholarship program since its inception in 1998. Lifetouch is proud of its ongoing commitment to, and support of, young people, their families and its employees.

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